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VideoBrains is a challenge to run, what with organising venues and speakers each month, as well as setting up the website’s updates, social media, YouTube, and so on. As we’re constantly improving things – both behind the scenes and publicly – it gets harder and harder to keep up! That’s why we’re looking for a helping hand going forward with VideoBrains.

This is the job I (Hannah Dwan, in case you didn’t read who wrote this!) used to do in fact, though I’m now the Community Manager for VideoBrains. It’s been great for me: I’ve met new people at every VideoBrains, gotten to know the rest of the absolutely wonderful VideoBrains team, and got experience in the running of events. It’s been incredibly fulfilling, and now the baton – or at least, the parts of it I’m not still clinging onto – could be passed down to you.

Something important to start with: VideoBrains is currently entirely run by volunteers, and, while we’re working on changing that, it will remain a volunteer position for the foreseeable future. We don’t want anyone losing out on paid work they need just for VideoBrains, so please be aware of this!

What would you be doing? Your main responsibilities would be:

  • Managing, updating, and tagging our video database
  • Replying to general query emails and tweets
  • Content uploading/publishing for our website and social media
  • General admin tasks as required

It would be preferable that you live in London, although if you’re somewhere else in the UK we might be able to work something out as long as you’re happy to come into London every so often for events. We can help with travel costs there. Don’t feel like your location means you shouldn’t apply, though: we’d still love to hear from you.

Otherwise, the only requirement is a lot of enthusiasm for VideoBrains. We don’t expect you to have seen every single VideoBrains talk or been to every event, but knowing the sort of attitude we have, both on social media and in-person, is a necessity.

To apply, send a couple of paragraphs about yourself and why you’d be great for this, as well as what your favourite VideoBrains talk is, to If you’ve got any questions, feel free to send us a message on Twitter or email us at the same address.

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