About VideoBrains


VideoBrains is a monthly event hosting intelligent and entertaining talks on games. Each month we have a new theme to explore, with our resident speakers running six month sessions. We’re passionate about looking at play from new angles, and we run this event to bring that out. Anyone interested in games is welcome to give their perspective on them, regardless of their background, experiences and identity. It’s a safer space for people to listen to great talks, chat with lovely people, and investigate new interests under the banner of enjoying games.

Where? When?

Our events are typically on the last Tuesday of each month in one of London’s gaming bars, although our all day events run on Saturdays instead. You can check our events page for more information on the date and location of upcoming events.


VideoBrains is run by a small team of people dedicated to making this event the best thing it can be! Images courtesy of Fran Court

Video Services

Special thanks to Geoff Newman of Endlife Studios for his video and editing services