VideoBrains is moving home!

VideoBrains is moving!   We’ve called Secret Weapon in Stratford our home for about a year now, but we are moving on to a new location for the future. Our thanks go out to Loading and all the team who’ve hosted us for the last year and made everyone feel welcome.   But now VideoBrains […]

VideoBrains updates!

Sure, it’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these, but I’ve got good news so let’s focus on that shall we? New Resident Speaker: Grant Howitt Alice is leaving us as resident speaker in February, leaving behind a legacy of talks with the word fuck in them, several hidden penises, and an […]

Pitchstorm 3: Pitchstorm with a Vengeance

It’s time again, friends. The doors of VideoBrains are creaking open, and through them we beckon in the fresh young pitches of the new year. We’re looking for all your hottest takes, the talks to talk about, for all the following events: Themes January: Octodad – Parenting, childhood, family February: Hot Date – Dating March: […]