Pitchstorm 3: Pitchstorm with a Vengeance

It’s time again, friends. The doors of VideoBrains are creaking open, and through them we beckon in the fresh young pitches of the new year. We’re looking for all your hottest takes, the talks to talk about, for all the following events:


January: Octodad – Parenting, childhood, family

February: Hot Date – Dating

March: Resident Evil – Double crossing, backstabbing monstrosities

April: Audiosurf – Soundtracks, Music, the art of Listening

May: Watch Dogs– Animals in games

June: JBDay Celebrations – An all day topic free-for-all

Okay! Wait, how do I pitch?

To pitch your talk, send us a couple of sentences that give a sense of the topic you’ll be covering and the way you’ll be exploring it. We might ask you a few questions to really get a feel for the talk, so be prepared.

We’re not looking exclusively for games industry professionals either – VideoBrains is all about creating diverse, inclusive conversation from all points of view and backgrounds. If you have something interesting to say, we want to hear it!

Email your pitches to j
ake@videobrains.co.uk with “VideoBrains Pitch [Month]” as the topic.

What then?

We’ll let you know when we’ve received your pitch, and if we think it fits well with any of the themes. If your pitch is accepted we’ll check in with you a month before your scheduled event to make sure you’re still on board (and remind you to start preparing) viagra a prix bas en france. A week before the event you’ll get another email asking for your presentation and any other resources you’ll need, as well as a bunch of reminders about how the event runs.

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