Proximity Alert – VideoBrains September Schedule:

VideoBrains September is one week away. Are you guys excited? I’m excited.


We’re well sold out so the venue will only be open to those of you with tickets. Don’t worry about bringing your tickets, but make sure you remember your name, because I’ll need you all on my magic list.

Your ticket will get you in from 6:30 – Buy a drink, chat, find good seats. Squeeze in a round of Mariokart. We’re going to start at 7 sharp because I’ve accidentally packed too much in, so please plan to be here before 7 if you don’t want to miss anything. There’s no specific times, but there will be 5 minute breaks scattered throughout as we move things/get stuff sorted. This is the final talking order, barring any minor catastrophic events.

General stuff:

The hashtag for the event is #VideoBrains, would love to see your tweets. I’ll probably feature some of the best when promoting October so do make sure to comment on how the event changed your life and how pretty my hair is. I’ll also be getting someone to livetweet the event from the @VideoBrains account so you can follow that if you want the rundown. I’ll probably also selectively retweet #Videobrains tweets on my main account too, but I have followers who don’t want to hear about every detail of the evening for some reason, so i’m very aware of that.


Q&A Panel: Indie Marketing: How To Promote Your First Game

Phillipa Warr, Laura K Dale, Emily Gera Moderated by Christos Reid

Ask our panel of videogame journalists about how to get noticed. They’ll be talking about some of the common faux pas in games marketing and taking your questions


New Ways of Writing: Keeping Reviews Interesting

Ben Meredith

In an age of early access, free to play and constantly evolving gameworlds, how is a simple review supposed to cut it? How can we adapt reviews to keep them relevant? Ben has the answer.


Escape To Na Pali: The Uniquely Alien World of Unreal 

Alan Williamson

Alan admires Unreal’s world design so much he wrote a book on it. If you ever wanted to watch a grown man enthuse about a classic videogame from yesteryear, this is the talk for you.


Deleted Scenes of Disney, Doom and Deus Ex

Joe Martin

Or maybe this is the talk for you.

Joe is passionate about game preservation. He’d like to talk to you about games preservation through the lens of classics like Doom and Deus Ex.


Deconstructing the Evolution of Zelda

Dustin Connor

Dustin takes a brief look at the pushes and pulls of the design of games in the Zelda series, and how a fan of the series as a whole might no longer be the target audience (and how that’s probably okay, but deserves exploring).


How To Ruin Videogames

Meg Jayanth

A tongue-in-cheek discussion of games that are currently pushing boundaries, and a handy step-by-step guide on how to ruin videogames yourself. (Spoiler: there’s only one step, and it’s “make more games”) 


Defence Of The Moderns Phillippa Warr

Phillippa Warr, writer of RPS Dota column “Dote Night” talks to us about how Dota 2 rejects the ideas of nostalgia gaming and is instead more reminiscent of high fashion. I don’t think she’s talking about cosmetics.




All panels will have question time after, and it looks like most of the talks will be available to download on a pay what you want basis after the eventIt’s fine if you want to pay nothing, ideas should be free after all.

Tickets for October are now available, and I’m taking pitches for talks by email. You can email with pitch ideas for “What Scares You“. You can get tickets by clicking here.

I’ve also got a Patreon set up, with a large amount of the funding going towards VideoBrains stuff. Donate if you like that sort of thing and can afford to, but there’s no pressure. You’re all fantastic enough just for showing up.

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