VideoBrains September is all sold out!

So, the first VideoBrains is basically sold out and somehow it got mentioned in Kotaku. We have a single ticket left at the time of writing.

This is super exciting and has prompted some announcements.



Announcement the first: With the selling out of the first VideoBrains event on September 22nd, I’d like to announce the second: VideoBrains will return on Tuesday October 21st, in much the same format.

I didn’t know how this would turn out when I first started to throw things together, I just wanted to get smart people to talk about videogames for my amusement. It seems quite a few people feel the same and the demand is there for a second event. In light of recent dramatics in the games industry (it’s not the place for it here) I think a safe space to discuss ideas and concepts without fear of being judged is valuable. I want to keep putting these together for as long as you keep coming. Ticket sales will open after the first event, but I want to get a gauge for how full up the bar gets when we pour all of these attendees into it.


Announcement the second: I’m now accepting pitches for VideoBrains talks.

Largely, this first event was invite and referral only. There’s no way that I know everyone that can possibly say smart words about games and so for the second event I’d like to open up the floor so that anyone can pitch a talk. I can’t promise that you’ll make it, but I think if you have an interesting idea we can definitely work towards making it a reality. Reach me on Twitter at @_JakeTucker or send me an email to and we can make it happen.


The theme for Octobers event is: “What Scares You?”. I can’t deny the halloween connection but don’t feel limited to ghosts and ghouls. I might be using it as an excuse to talk about Rainbow Six so there’s a lot of flexibility to the theme. I’m looking to start locking talks in for this before the end of September, so get in touch as soon as possible, even if your idea is just a few scrappy sentences for the minute. Try to mention it’s for the event in your subject line so I can filter you appropriately.


Announcement the third: I guess the final part is.. VideoBrains is a blog now, too.

I needed an official email and somewhere to host the videos from the event, so I bought this domain. There’s no reason critical thinking shouldn’t be made available to anyone however and so I’m looking to start curating intelligent conversation and a few original pieces to make you think. Primarily we’re still an event, and my energies are focussing there – but it does mean I’m looking for a couple of people to work with me to curate and source smart videogames stuff. Again, send me an email or tweet me @_Jaketucker/

There’s a few more things on the horizon, but mostly just thank you to everyone for supporting VideoBrains! I can’t wait to hear the talks and I’m hoping to give you more information on them soon.