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Announce O’Clock

Announcements. So many damn announcements. So let me just skip the preamble and get right in there shall I? Meet Ben That terrifying beard in human form is games journalist Ben Barrett. He’s going to be taking over our social media/blog for the foreseeable future. This doesn’t mean I’m stepping away or Emma will move away […]

VideoBrains Pitchstorm

No epilogue this month, time has flown and I’ve been very busy. Sorry! But it’s all just semantics because you’re getting this instead: The VideoBrains Pitchstorm: The Pitchening. We’re open for pitching right now. I just want to reiterate what I’ve said before with regards to themes: We’re inviting pitches on all of the below […]

Opinion: ESPN Is Right To Show eSports

In our first VideoBrains Opinion piece, Sean Cleaver tells us why ESPN is right to show eSports.  If you ever listen to US talk radio, you’d immediately take back all the nasty things you’ve ever said about UK radio. One of the things that stands out is how brash, opinionated and entirely reactionary its hosts […]

VideoBrains March Epilogue

To think I was panicking when I sold 65 tickets. It turns out the seated capacity of Meltdown is still reasonable for our needs – although we are at Loading next month to test the video setup before June. The event was excellent. My attendance worries from last month were entirely unfounded, although the press […]