VideoBrains Pitchstorm

No epilogue this month, time has flown and I’ve been very busy. Sorry!

But it’s all just semantics because you’re getting this instead: The VideoBrains Pitchstorm: The Pitchening.

We’re open for pitching right now.


I just want to reiterate what I’ve said before with regards to themes: We’re inviting pitches on all of the below from now until the 15th June, at which point everything is going to be slotted in viagra andorre.

August: Show & Tell (Gaming brought into the real world. Bonus points if you have something you can actually show.)

September: Spy Party (Stealth and deception in games)

October: Dungeon Keeper. (I want to hear about bad guys. What makes a good bad guy? Which enemy is your least favourite?)

November: The Castle Doctrine (Your home is your fortress. Pitches about the role of home in games)

December: The Lost and the Damned (Hidden gems, forgotten games. Take a look back into the past.)

All pitches should be talks 15 minutes in length. Travel allowances can be discussed within the UK for the right pitch, and you should email me your pitches at with VideoBrains Pitch and the month in the topic.

Don’t feel you have to be “someone” in the games industry, if you think you’ve got an interesting idea, I want to hear it.  Similarly, I’ve got a strong interest in talks from a variety of viewpoints, so please don’t feel put up if you feel like you might not have much to offer. Send an email anyway, we can talk through your ideas.

I really can’t stress this enough. I don’t want just games journalists and people I know – we’ve had fantastic talks from games developers, Tabletop RPG enthusiasts, casual game fans… just send me an email.


What Format Should My Pitches Take?

3 sentences, bullet pointed if it helps you get your points across clearly. I want to get a strong sense of what your talk is, why it’s useful and how you’ll use your 15 minutes.

I’m going to ask you a few questions, so expect a light grilling.


What Then?

I’ll let you know I’ve received your pitch and then in mid-June I’ll get back to you and whether we take the pitch or not we’ll talk through the idea. Everyone hears back on their pitch.

If you’re accepted you’ll be told when you’re speaking and left to your own devices for a while, although help is available if you need it. A month before the event I’ll reach out and confirm you’re still up for speaking and then you should start preparing your talk. I’ll be totally available during that month if you need to query or question anything.

What you’ll need:

  • Material for the length of time we’ve discussed. Usually 15 minutes. This needs to be a unique talk you haven’t given anywhere else.


  • A presentation: If it suits your needs then go for it, but it’s not required. If you do decide to put one together you’ll need to email that across with a PDF version so we can make sure it works for the night.

Not Required:

  • Your own laptop. We’ve got that covered.
  • A ticket for the event you’re talking at. Sounds simple but we’ll let you in for free.]

What you get:

  • We can’t pay because we’re a small event, but we will help you with travel to London if you’re travelling.
  • A video of your talk is provided. There’s a small audience of 50-60 people, but we’re a passionate crowd and expect support both at the event and afterwards.

So, please. Pitch. I’d love to hear your ideas.  

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