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VideoBrains February Epilogue

‘Don’t call it a comeback’, LL Cool J screamed down a mic. He was right, comeback isn’t the right word for his exceptional career. In a similar way, ‘post-mortem’ doesn’t really seem right. We’re not investigating the death of VideoBrains or focusing on what’s gone wrong. Maybe I’ll refer to it as an epilogue from now […]

Changing of the Guard

So, we’re changing resident speakers in May when Christos reaches the end of his six month tenure as resident speaker. I’d like to give some background on this choice, but first a few words from the man himself. When Jake approached me late last year and asked me to be the resident speaker at VideoBrains, […]

VideoBrains January post-mortem

I’m going to take a different tack with the post-mortem this month. I’ve been doing this for five months now and you’re going to have to trust that I know vaguely what I’m doing. Rather than tediously examining how the scheduling went and the little mistakes I’ve been going over, I wanted to talk about […]

ChristmasBrains! – The Inevitable Post Mortem

Merry Christmas and goodwill to all for the inevitable dissection of this, the most festive of VideoBrains.   Because it’s christmas, I don’t really want to mention the patreon. Let’s just pretend it never happened. There are also January Tickets available, with the lineup fully announced. A terrific set of talks at #VideoBrains this evening. […]