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The Epilogue – VideoBrains January: Final Fight

The VideoBrains event train is rattling on into 2016, and our first event of the year went fantastically well, despite some rather wet weather. We even had some prizes to give away for those attending, thanks to one of our fantastic speakers! So, for those of you looking to either experience VideoBrains January: Final Fight […]

The Epilogue – ChristmasBrains 2: ChristmasBrains Harder

‘twas the night of ChristmasBrains, when all through the bar, everyone was chatting, with speakers from afar. People had been working round the clock, just to prepare for their talk.   I’m no poet. It’s time for the ChristmasBrains 2: ChristmasBrains Harder Epilogue. Bigger, better, and with more mince pies than ever before. There were […]

Return of Announce O’Clock

Hello all. This is a little off track from our usual blog content, but we wanted to be upfront with you. From January’s event, our ticket prices are going up, and our ticket system will change slightly. We’ll be brief – how will the new ticket prices look? Early bird tickets will be available in a limited number […]

The Epilogue – The Castle Doctrine

The Epilogue returns for VideoBrains November: The Castle Doctrine! This was Hannah Nicklin’s final talk as resident speaker, but fear not, as our next resident speaker has been announced! It’s Rob Morgan, who’ll be starting his residency in February 2016. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about him, you can check out […]