The Epilogue – VideoBrains January: Final Fight

The VideoBrains event train is rattling on into 2016, and our first event of the year went fantastically well, despite some rather wet weather. We even had some prizes to give away for those attending, thanks to one of our fantastic speakers! So, for those of you looking to either experience VideoBrains January: Final Fight through your screen or remember how utterly phenomenal it was, here’s your Epilogue!

Starting off 2016, and ending her time as an interlude for our new resident speaker to join us, Kate Gray spoke about beginnings. She also began her talk with a slide that caused a lot of debate over quite how explicit it was generic viagra pas cher. Might want to consider this one as being mature content. 

The Witness came out recently and, in the buildup to it, William Pugh gave us an insightful look at the game. By insightful, we mean everything said here should be taken with a mountain of salt. Despite what it seems like, there are no The Witness spoilers here!

Apparently, dating games based on the Japanese ganguro fashion trend can be used as an interesting insight into the mind of the men’s rights activist. Grant Howitt analysed what exactly made Ganguro Girl a mess, as well as pointed out the strange logical steps the player takes to flirt with his desired woman. Apparently, knocking back beers permanently increases your charm.

Mary Hamilton decided to give us her incomplete list of things that can get fucked, with “beating games” standing right at the top. Games need to respect our time as well as understand that there’s more than one way to enjoy them, and that doesn’t just mean getting to the credits screen.

Many of you will have either seen games being exhibited at events or done it yourselves, and David King wanted to give you 10 bits of advice for showing off games in the best manner possible. While it mostly gives advice for those looking to exhibit work personally, it’s an interesting insight into how to present a game in the best manner possible!

Darren Daley, from indie game studio Kinaetron, closed out VideoBrains January on-theme with a talk about the mechanics of fighting games. He spoke about how the details in a game like Bayonetta make it feel far better to play, as well as how fighting games like Street Fighter actually work, looking at different types of hitboxes and how they’re used.

That wraps it up for VideoBrains January: Final Fight! Hopefully that’s inspired you to get your tickets for our next event – VideoBrains February: Mount Your Friends. As you might have guessed from the title, it’s all about love and sex, so expect a whole heap of innuendos, as well as our next resident speaker, Rob Morgan, giving his first in a series of talks over the next 6 months!

You can buy tickets for VideoBrains February here, and if you’d like to give us a little extra support, consider helping us out on Patreon!

Thanks, and hopefully we’ll see you at our next event!

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