ChristmasBrains 2: ChristmasBrains Harder Tickets Available

ChristmasBrains 2

’tis the season, and we’re preparing for the final VideoBrains of the year, ChristmasBrains 2: Christmas Harder! Everything is in place, we’ve got our roster of speakers, the date is set, and we’ve got a venue. Everything apart from you!

So, tickets are on sale now. You lot who are here early get a little Christmas present, too: early bird tickets! We have a very limited number of these tickets on sale at £11, while regular tickets will be £16, as ChristmasBrains is an all-day event. Early bird tickets are already sold out! Regular tickets are still available. Moving over to a Saturday, ChristmasBrains 2 will be on December 12th at Loading Bar. Talks will be going from 1-6pm, but doors open at midday, and we’d love it if you hung around for drinks afterwards too!

We’ve got both veteran VideoBrains speakers and new faces, as well as many names we hope you recognise. For more details, and to buy those tickets, head on over to the Eventbrite page and get yours sharpish! In case you want a little more convincing here before, how about the speaker list? We’ve got:

Kate Gray

Adriel Wallick

Mike Bithell

George Buckenham 

Kieron Gillen 

Ed Smith

Thryn Henderson

Gav Murphy

Llaura ‘Dreamfeel’ Réalta

Jordan Erica Webber

All of them have their own fantastic talks to give, and you can check out what they might be over on Eventbrite.

Get your tickets before it’s too late!

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