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The Epilogue – VideoBrains January: Final Fight

The VideoBrains event train is rattling on into 2016, and our first event of the year went fantastically well, despite some rather wet weather. We even had some prizes to give away for those attending, thanks to one of our fantastic speakers! So, for those of you looking to either experience VideoBrains January: Final Fight […]

The Epilogue – ChristmasBrains 2: ChristmasBrains Harder

‘twas the night of ChristmasBrains, when all through the bar, everyone was chatting, with speakers from afar. People had been working round the clock, just to prepare for their talk.   I’m no poet. It’s time for the ChristmasBrains 2: ChristmasBrains Harder Epilogue. Bigger, better, and with more mince pies than ever before. There were […]

The Epilogue – The Castle Doctrine

The Epilogue returns for VideoBrains November: The Castle Doctrine! This was Hannah Nicklin’s final talk as resident speaker, but fear not, as our next resident speaker has been announced! It’s Rob Morgan, who’ll be starting his residency in February 2016. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about him, you can check out […]

ChristmasBrains 2: ChristmasBrains Harder Tickets Available

’tis the season, and we’re preparing for the final VideoBrains of the year, ChristmasBrains 2: Christmas Harder! Everything is in place, we’ve got our roster of speakers, the date is set, and we’ve got a venue. Everything apart from you! So, tickets are on sale now. You lot who are here early get a little […]

VideoBrains 2016 Pitchstorm

As 2016 draws ever closer, so does the promise of more VideoBrains. Of course, it would never be an event without the fantastic speakers we have, and we need more! The themes for January to June 2016 have been decided, and we need your ideas for talks! As long as it’s about games and fits […]

Embed With Games Review

Reviewed by Ben Meredith, you can find him on Twitter under @BenRLMeredith, and if you’re interested in more of what he does, check out Rusty Quill! I’m going to be keeping this review reasonably short. Not because I have little to say (I really could talk about this book for hours – and will certainly […]

The Epilogue – Show and Tell

Hello you lot! This is the start of a new series of posts here that give recaps from each VideoBrains event for those of you who couldn’t make it (or anyone who wants to relive it). August’s theme was ‘Show and Tell’ – a couple of our speakers had some certainly niche items to bring with them. And […]

Announce O’Clock

Announcements. So many damn announcements. So let me just skip the preamble and get right in there shall I? Meet Ben That terrifying beard in human form is games journalist Ben Barrett. He’s going to be taking over our social media/blog for the foreseeable future. This doesn’t mean I’m stepping away or Emma will move away […]

VideoBrains Pitchstorm

No epilogue this month, time has flown and I’ve been very busy. Sorry! But it’s all just semantics because you’re getting this instead: The VideoBrains Pitchstorm: The Pitchening. We’re open for pitching right now. I just want to reiterate what I’ve said before with regards to themes: We’re inviting pitches on all of the below […]

Opinion: ESPN Is Right To Show eSports

In our first VideoBrains Opinion piece, Sean Cleaver tells us why ESPN is right to show eSports.  If you ever listen to US talk radio, you’d immediately take back all the nasty things you’ve ever said about UK radio. One of the things that stands out is how brash, opinionated and entirely reactionary its hosts […]