VideoBrains February: Hot Date

VideoBrains is a host of cool talks, on a Tuesday night at Secret Weapon in Stratford! Exciting stuff. Twitter hashtag = #VideoBrains

Tickets on the door will be £10 if available.


Alice Bell The Final Fuckeduple: Everything is Terrible (Except It’s Not Really).
Alice delivers her final lowdown on the who, the what and the why of fucked up things in games, in the conclusion to her fuckeduplet residency.

Ric Cowley The Dating Game: How Video Games Saved My Love Life
Using (unfortunately) real-life examples, I will attempt to show that video games can be used to aid the power of love, from simply talking about them, playing them on a first date, and the gamification of dating itself through the rise of Tinder and other dating apps

Nick Marshall Sprung: The strange world of Ubisoft’s disastrous dating sim
A group of 20-somethings head to a mountain resort for season of ski slopes and sex – at least that’s what was supposed to happen in this Nintendo DS launch title. Beneath the cheesy marketing lies a fascinating mess of a game that’s more about hedgehogs and pepper-spray than it is about getting laid

Alex Davis Can you date it
What is a date? What is a relationship? And, most importantly, can you date it?

George Osborn Much (Freddy) Adu About Nothing
Most people think that Football Manager fans only love spreadsheets. But for most aficionados of the series, that is far from the truth. In this talk, George Osborn explains why FM fans fall in love with their players – whether they exist in the real world or not – and why they carry that love with them long after shutting a game down.

Emily R Marlow Dating the Diverse Space Jesus

Emily discusses how dating handsome space lizards and romancing medieval minotaurs has diversified our perception of Christ-figures in media.

Boring stuff:

We can’t refund your ticket if you don’t attend on the night, but if we have to cancel the event for some reason, we will refund you.
Please be here for the first talk at 7pm – This is so important I could say it twice.
Please be here for the first talk at 7pm – I said it twice. You can show up any time from 6pm and get a chance to meet other video games fans and talk to the speakers.

If you have any questions, can’t afford a ticket but would still like to come, or would like to pitch a 15-minute talk for a future event, please email
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