VideoBrains vs LGF: Resident Evil

VideoBrains is joining London Games Festival Fringe!

For one month only, VideoBrains is sprucing up to hang out with the cool kids – we’ll be hosting our usual night of rad games talks in association with the London Games Festival Fringe.

VideoBrains aims to deliver unusual talks about the imaginative, creative, unexpected, technical, detailed, solemn, silly or saucy side of games. Come along this month to hear talk on the theme for treachery, backstabbing and betrayal!

Tickets on the door will be £10, if available.


Kate Gray How To Win: Friends

Local multiplayer is back in a big way and it’s representative of the current climate of gaming. Also when the world ends in fire and flames in 2018, at least we can all huddle in the bomb shelters playing Towerfall.

Tommy Thompson Would You Like To Play A Game? 

‘AAA’ games often employ Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver their power fantasies through intelligent opposing forces. But truth is, it’s never as hard as it looks. We take a look at AI implementations behind popular AAA games: the systems designed to help you win and the smoke and mirrors used to put you on edge. The real secret is that AI is often built to support you, until it changes its mind and stabs you in the back.

Adam Dixon Killing Jake Tucker’s Dog

…and other stories about games, animals and betrayal.

Tom Hatfield Why I Can Never Forgive Ed Fenning

Tom Hatfield brings us stories of betrayal and mistrust in co-operative games, both online and at the tabletop. Learn what it’s like to play System Shock when someone’s siding with Shodan, the origins of The Mothers Day War and why your friends are the scariest enemies of all.

Elizabeth Simoens From Museums to Raves: Site-Specific Live Games

Elizabeth chronicles her experience in creating games for museums, raves, and the streets of London and how the site/audience alter the game design in her works for both Fire Hazard and SeaSylph Games. 

Ness Thompsett The Cake is a Lie: Betrayal and Deception in Video Games

Twists and turns, mistakes and miscommunication: video games offer up a varied range of  ways to surprise and shock the player. This talk focuses on deception in video games, with particular focus on the Bioshock and Portal series, and asks: does deceiving the player make for a richer gaming experience?

Boring stuff:

We can’t refund your ticket if you don’t attend on the night, but if we have to cancel the event for some reason, we will refund you.
Please be here for the first talk at 7pm – This is so important I could say it twice.
Please be here for the first talk at 7pm – I said it twice. 

If you have any questions, can’t afford a ticket but would still like to come, or would like to pitch a 15-minute talk for a future event, please email
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